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What is the best time to drive the Dempster in order to get fall colors ?

Rebecca  McNeese

We planned to be there by the first week in September. The autumn is so short - that on the way up, there was very little snow on the mountains - but on the way back down the Dempster - is was evident that it had snowed quite a bit. Within several days, there was snow falling along the highway. It's a marvelous adventure - and I've never seen anything like it! But - the very few tourist places were closed coming back - So be prepared. Eagle Plains is open 364 days a year. . . and that's a good stop. Becky


My 95 Ranger Truck and I made the Dempster Drive and saw the Demolition Derby in Nuvik Labor Day weekend 2008. Light snow four days. Cool on my trip to Tuk, numerous people came up to me as I walked thru town for a few hours. They were very friendly and think I would like to be a teacher in that town.
(I did my student teaching in Boone Grove Indiana.) I rode my bicycle a good number of miles near the Dempster and thru Nuvik and am quite tempted to ride the length of the Dempster on next summer (I figure 10 - 12 days for me, even with bear spray I am afraid of bears.) I agree on the great beauty of the area.

Rebecca McNeese

Good luck! We saw a couple of brave souls on bicycles - right after a rain when the Dempster turned to slick, deep mud. They were newlyweds and didn't make it. (We saw them later in Whitehorse). Have a great time. I can't think of anywhere that is more beautiful than the Dempster. Becky

Jennifer @ Living in My Car

Those are the most beautiful pictures of the Dempster Highway I have ever seen. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your adventure.

I look forward to reading more of your blog!

(I am a soon-to-be solo woman RVer and plan to drive the Dempster next summer. Any opinions on whether or not I could drive a Class A along the highway?)

Rebecca McNeese

The only Class A we saw had slid off into a ditch. Unless there have been great improvements on the highway - I dont think I would have the know-how to drive one up the Dempster. What a great adventure youll have, though. If you get up to British Columbia in July - be sure to check out the bears near Stewart. Theres a great RV camp close to the creek. Have a great time. Becky

Chris Brown

Hi, I did that trip in 97 with four friends from england and we had the same problem with Goodyear tyres, in fact we shredded all 4 on the trip.
When we took the car back to the hire centre it was sitting on four different tyres, one a studded ice tyre and another a crusing whitewall.
On starting our trip we visited a small outdoor shop in Vancouver and the guy asked where we were going, we replied Inuvik, he said 'sounds like along trip to nowhere' he was very right and very wrong at the same time.

Rebecca McNeese

It is a trip to nowhere - but what a beautiful ride to nowhere! Sorry about your tires. I'm glad that we had only one go sour!

Martin ^

Hi, i have some questions to the truck drivers on the Dempster Highway.
Would you help me?

Rebecca  McNeese

I think they would stop and help. But you would have to wait on a truck to come by. There are times when you'll see no one.

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